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Ideas to Inspire

In search of ideas for your next remodeling project? Our inspiration gallery is the perfect place to start; from kitchens and bathrooms to secondary spaces, see what’s on-trend. Get started with our easy-to-take style quiz or learn about current design trends. There’s no better place to let inspiration find you.

The world of interior design is always changing. We make it our business to keep up. Discover a range of new possibilities for your next project with a few of our favorite current trends.

Featured Trends

Bold Blues & Grounding Greens

Want a style that’s dramatic, yet organic? Add a touch of natural color to your interior with blues and greens like Painted Navy, Mist, and Sage.

A Bath Oasis

Your bathroom is an opportunity to create a space focused on your needs. Give yours a fresh, tranquil look full of function and detail.

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